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We understand that there are many new things you may be experiencing,including many challenges, in helping to care for your elderly loved one.  This can be a stressful and confusing time for both of you.

Below youwill find some great resources to help get you through this time, and hopefully provide some support and ideas for taking care of your loved one as well as yourself, and making the time less stressful.

Benefits Check up:
      Free program to see if receiving all eligible benefits

Dallas Area Agencies:
    Dallas Area Agency on Aging
    Senior Citizens of Greater Dallas
    Irving Social Services
    Dallas area Alzheimer's Assoc. 214-827-0062
    Note: Safe Return Program
    Dallas area Alzheimer's Assoc. 214-827-0062
    Note: Safe Return Program
    Dallas Callier Center for Hearing Disorders
    Dallas Meals on Wheels
    Reach Resource Center
    Recorded books and radio services for blind/disabled